St.Louis-Based Flight Attendants Slip into Something More Professional: American Airlines

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis-based flight attendants are packing away their TWA wings, jackets, and sweaters to make way for new American Airlines uniforms. The new uniforms began showing up at St. Louis - Lambert International Airport over the weekend.

The 3,200 flight attendants were the largest TWA workgroup, and all are getting their new uniform at the same time. Pilots and airport agents began wearing American Airlines uniforms in January. Fleet service clerks will follow suit this summer. Mechanics should change uniforms later this year.

The American Airlines flight attendant uniform is similar to the airport agent uniform, but it includes gold and silver stripes on the sleeve. The award-winning design offers many options, such as three tie choices for men, a dress, skirt, or pants for women, a burgundy sweater, and a butcher block-style apron to wear in flight. A team of American Airlines flight attendants and airport agents chose the uniform for its comfort and professional look.

“Customers will notice a more polished and professional appearance,” said Lisbeth Mack, American Airlines regional managing director - Flight Service. “Our St. Louis-based flight attendants are excited about the new uniform as it brings them one step closer to becoming an American Airlines flight attendant.”

Later this year St. Louis-based flight attendants will begin training in American Airlines policies and procedures. Once a flight attendant finishes this training, he or she will be able to work any aircraft type in the American Airlines fleet.


The American Airlines uniform won the Career Apparel Institute’s Image of the Year Award in 1999. Until now St. Louis-based flight attendants had been wearing an updated version of a military-style uniform designed specifically for TWA by Ralph Lauren in 1978. This will be the first completely new uniform change for the TWA flight attendants since 1979.