Air Canada Confirms Deferral of Delivery of three A340-600 Aircraft

Air Canada confirmed last week that it has finalized
an agreement with Airbus to defer the delivery of three Airbus A340-600
aircraft and related capital expenditures by 17 months to summer 2004. The 335-
seat aircraft with an approximate range of 12,000 kilometres had originally
been planned for delivery in spring 2003.
Air Canada will take delivery of two A340-500 aircraft in November and
December 2002, as scheduled. These 267-seat aircraft with an extended range of
13,800 kilometres are planned to operate extra-long haul routes to Asia. The
airline also operates eleven A340-300 aircraft with a seating capacity of 284
and range of approximately 12,500 kilometres.
Air Canada is one of the largest Airbus operators in the world. In
addition to its A340 fleet, the airline operates 42 A319s with six on order,
48 A320s with eight on order, seven A321s with five on order, and eight A330-