American Offers Tips to Make Summer Travel More Enjoyable

FORT WORTH, Texas - With the beginning of the summer travel season upon us, American Airlines and its affiliates, American Eagle and the AmericanConnection carriers, want to ensure all customers enjoy a convenient and comfortable travel experience.

“Tip number one is to select the only airline offering you more room throughout coach,” said Dan Garton, American’s executive vice president, Customer Service. “Why start your trip cramped and uncomfortable? American has removed more than 9,000 seats from the coach cabins on all of its airplanes so that customers can enjoy more leg room on every trip.”

In truth, American’s efforts to provide comfort and convenience start long before a customer ever steps foot onboard one of its airplanes.

Before You Leave the House - American’s newly redesigned Web site,, provides a host of features that help customers plan their trips. They can: Check flight departure and arrival status—View gate information—Sign up for Flight Status Notification—Learn about weather at destinations.

Heading to the Airport - American was one of the first airlines to reduce the check-in time for customers traveling domestically. Passengers should arrive at least 60 minutes prior to departure if they are not checking bags and 90 minutes early if they are checking luggage. Passengers departing from Hawaii should allow extra time because all bags must be screened by the U.S. Department of Agriculture prior to check in. Extra time should also be allotted when traveling during the holidays and during other peak travel periods. International passengers need to arrive two hours before scheduled departure and be prepared to present: Valid Passport (many countries require six-month validity beyond the date a travelor enters the country)—Applicable Visas


Checking In - For passengers traveling domestically using electronic tickets, American now offers more than 200 OneStop Self-Service Check-in machines at 27 airports across the United States - with more airports to come shortly. Located under bright yellow arrows, these machines allow individuals to check in, select seats, receive boarding passes and even check luggage without standing in traditional check-in lines. Customers can also choose to check in before ever entering the terminal by using American’s OneStop Curbside Check In, available at more than 80 cities nationwide. This service is available to passengers traveling either on paper or electronic tickets. Both services provide convenient check in and enable passengers to proceed through security checkpoints to their gates. Elite Status AAdvantage?’ members traveling domestically on electronic tickets and not checking baggage can also elect to use American’s innovative Telephone Check In.

Security Checkpoints - For top customers, American has established special entrances to security checkpoints at more than 25 airports throughout its network to help these individuals get to their gates faster. Passengers must still go through the same security process as all other passengers. The following passengers can use these special entrances: First and Business Class passengers—AAdvantage Executive Platinum?’ , AAdvantage Platinum?’ , AAdvantage Gold?’ members—oneworld Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby members—AAirPass members / The Transportation Security Administration, an agency of the Federal government, now operates security checkpoints at the nation’s airports. To see a list of items not allowed through the security checkpoints and general rules while proceeding through security, please visit the TSA’s Web site at All travelers should be ready to display a photo ID and a boarding pass or printed itinerary out before entering security.

Travelers with Special Needs - The summer travel season is a popular time for young travelers. Please note American’s safety-based rules on children traveling on flights: Children, ages five through 11, must travel as “unaccompanied minors” unless they are escorted by a companion who is at least 16 years old—Infants and children under five years of age must be accompanied on the same flight and in the same cabin by a companion age 16 or older—Children under five may not travel unaccompanied—Passengers 12 and older may continue to travel as adults—Parents or guardians who need to take their unaccompanied minor children to departure gates or pick them up at arrival gates should contact American ticket counter personnel to obtain escort authorization to go through security. Likewise, people assisting passengers with medical or disability-related needs should contact American personnel at the airport to obtain escort authorization to go through security. Passengers with disabilities are encouraged to call American’s Reservations office at 1-800-433-7300, or the TDD number at 1-800-543-1586, to share any requests for special assistance. These requests are forwarded to a specially trained representative who arranges travel for passengers with disabilities. Should specialized disability-related accommodation be necessary, a Special Assistance Coordinator will contact the passenger before travel to make those arrangements. American has a wide variety of services available for passengers with disabilities. Check for Accessibility and Accommodations for Customers with Disabilities.

General Tips - “There are some things that all passengers should be aware of to help us make their travel experience more pleasant,” Garton said. “Please take a minute to review these prior to travel as it will save time at the airport.” Have a government-issued photo ID out and available at all times—Have a printed ticket confirmation when traveling on an electronic ticket—FAA rules restrict carry-ons to a single bag and one personal item such as a purse, briefcase, laptop or small backpack—Mark all luggage, inside and out, with the owner’s name, address and phone number—Sharp objects such as scissors and razors should be packed in checked baggage—Fireworks are strictly prohibited—Laptops should be out of their cases when placed on security screening machines—All carry-on bags are subject to hand-search throughout the airport—Footwear may have to be removed for additional screening—For an on-time departure, customers should board when their group number is called and be on board at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. American sincerely appreciates every customer’s business. These tips are designed to help every passenger enjoy their trip while helping American ensure a timely and safe travel experience.