New Unveiled by Air Transport Association

Washington, May 28, 2002—The Air Transport Association (ATA) today announced the re-launch of its SPEC2000 Web site. The primary objective of the newly enhanced site is to educate potential users on the capabilities and benefits of SPEC2000—a comprehensive set of specifications, products and services designed to facilitate e-business in the commercial aviation industry. The new Web site provides customers with an easy-to-use interface, universal navigation features and tightly integrated content and services.

“Our goal for updating the site was to improve the user experience and enhance the look and feel,” said Brad Ballance, vice president, E-Business. “The re-design will simplify navigation and help users understand and proceed with the specific tactical activities needed to implement an e-commerce system.” continues to serve the aviation community as the gateway to the ATA Aviation Marketplace—a database system of the world’s largest collection of aircraft-parts pricing data—and is currently accessible to over 80 airlines worldwide. The site also hosts documents to support standards development and several complimentary specifications.

“The re-launch is just the beginning. Customers can expect added features in the future to further enhance the system,” said Ballance.

The overall goal of SPEC2000 is to provide cost-effective, state-of-the-art methods for information exchange that are functional for the widest possible population of companies. Administered by ATA, it is the product of 12 international industry associations representing airlines, manufacturers, suppliers and repair agencies. The SPEC2000 standards were first published in 1959 and have continued to evolve with the aviation industry.


The Air Transport Association of America, Inc. is the trade association for leading U.S. airlines. ATA members transport over 95 percent of all the passenger and cargo traffic in the United States.