British Airways: Scoring a Mile High

British Airways will be making sure that customers get to watch the World Cup - even at 35,000 feet.

Those customers worried that they were going to miss vital England games can rest assured that they will be shown the full match on seat back screens as soon as possible after it has been played. Daily highlights from other World Cup matches will also be featured following the news to keep fans of the game up to date.

British Airways will be showing ten matches, including the first three England games against Sweden, Nigeria and Argentina starting on June 2, 2002, one of the semi-finals and the final - hopefully featuring England.

Martin George, Director of Marketing and Commercial Development said: “We are very excited at the prospect of showing the World Cup matches on board our aircraft. It builds on our involvement with the England World Cup team as their official airline and allows us to offer customers something unique in in-flight entertainment. We just hope we’ll be able to get the customers away from the screens when they reach their destination!”