Three New A330-200 to Join MEA Fleet

Middle East Airlines today enters a new era in the modernization of its Fleet, with the acceptance of three brand new Airbus A330-200, Airbuså‘s newest and most modern aircraft, which will join MEA Fleet progressively in April, May and June 2003.

With the acquisition of its three A330-200, MEA will offer the highest standards to its passengers: while benefiting from the best passenger comfort levels and featuring the quietest cabin in the sky, every aircraft will be equipped with state of the art on-board entertainment technology and sophisticated digital video on demand systems in both Front and Economy cabins, with multi choice of channels. MEA A330’s will also be equipped with facilities especially designed to suit the needs of handicapped passengers.

MEA’s A330’s, leased from ILFC, will be powered by Rolls Royce’s 72000lb thrust Trent 772 engines.

MEA has chosen a spacious layout for its A330 seating 42 passengers in Front class and 208 in Economy, thus offering a total capacity of 250 seats per aircraft. The extra capacity, which will be offered on the routes of Paris, London, Riyadh,  African stations as well as some other destinations, will allow MEA to generate higher passenger revenue.

On the other hand, the twin engine A330-200 offers one of the lowest operating cost especially in maintenance and fuel consumption, and its tremendous operating efficiency is enhanced by voluminous under-floor holds that can carry several cargo types including birds and live animals thus generating huge cargo revenue.


“We are finally arriving to the point of reaping the benefits of our 3-year business plan, whereby MEA can consider Fleet acquisition”, said Mr. El-Hout MEA Chairman-Director General, “Our passengers deserve and expect great things of us. By modernizing our Fleet with the best product combined with the highest operational efficiency, we are offering them the highest standards of comfort and technology”.