America West Announces New Service Between Las Vegas and Fresno

America West Airlines
(NYSE: AWA) announced today that on Aug. 1, 2002, it will initiate service
between its Las Vegas hub and Fresno and Santa Barbara, Calif., and will add
one additional flight to Colorado Springs, Colo.  This service will be
provided by America West Express, which is operated by Mesa Air Group,
utilizing the 50-seat Canadair Regional Jet.

“America West is pleased to continue to add service to its Las Vegas hub,
which offers connection opportunities to major destinations across the United
States,” said Scott Kirby, executive vice president, sales and marketing.
“We`re encouraged by the increase in travel through Las Vegas in the past few

While America West operates an extensive night flight system in Las Vegas
to maximize aircraft utilization, these new flights are all being added in
daytime hours due to customer demand.

Earlier this year, America West announced plans to start service between
its Las Vegas hub and four other markets.  Service to Colorado Springs began
Feb. 27 and service to Salt Lake City began on May 1.  On May 31, service
between Las Vegas and Mexico City as well as Raleigh-Durham, N.C. will begin.

With the addition of this new service, America West will provide 84 daily
departures to 37 destinations from its Las Vegas hub, which is an increase in
the number of departures and destinations the airline offered prior to Sept.11, 2001.