Aer Lingus Confirms Full Implementation of Airline Survival Plan

Aer Lingus has confirmed that implementation of the actions in the airline`s Survival Plan relating to pilots is underway. This follows the completion of an exhaustive process involving the publication of proposals by the LRC in November 2001, lengthy direct discussions and two separate arbitration reports published in April.

Aer Lingus accepted the outcome of the arbitration process as meeting the objectives of the Survival Plan and indicated that it considered the process at an end and that it was time to move ahead with implementation. This is now underway.

Aer Lingus is committed to the full implementation of the Survival Plan as the basis for the ongoing commercial management of the business.

Progress has been made with the widespread availability of low fares, a revamped, the reduction in distribution costs, greater asset utilisation through the opening of new routes within existing resources and the reduction in staff numbers.

Much more needs to be done for Aer Lingus to remain competitive and the need now is to move beyond survival to build a robust, commercial business which is sustainable in the longer term.