American Airlines Partners with Orbitz to Provide an Enhanced Booking Capability for the New

FORT WORTH, Texas and CHICAGO - American Airlines announced the successful launch of its new and improved Web site,, which features proprietary reservation and booking technology from Orbitz. The redesigned uses Orbitz’ new booking engine, making it easier for customers to find flight information and book travel.
Orbitz booking engine provides airline Web sites - such as - with travel reservation and booking capabilities, allowing them to reduce distribution costs, raise revenue potential, enhance customer service and increase customer loyalty.

“Our customers told us that along with the ability to find great fares and manage their AAdvantage accounts online, they wanted to be able to book their travel in a few seamless steps,” said Scott Hyden, managing director of interactive marketing for American. “Orbitz booking engine provides American Airlines with a reliable, more robust online booking channel and enables to offer users a simpler, more intuitive booking process.”

“The rapid growth in online travel purchasing presents a unique opportunity for Orbitz to provide its technology to help airline sites such as better handle and service the increasing volume of customers,” explains Ellen Lee, vice president of New Ventures at Orbitz. “By allowing consumers to search options faster and book travel easier, Orbitz booking engine contributes to a better online user experience that will ultimately help suppliers increase customer loyalty.”

The new features great fares that are easier to find on the site. The Net SAAver Alert feature allows the user to select up to 30 city pairs to be notified of regarding fare specials, and the Net SAAver Search allows the user to search all discounted fares posted on by origin and destination. In addition to offering greater personalization, the new site includes a search functionality and improved navigation with new “fly-out” menus.
The new, which launched in April, is now available at