Comair President Randy Rademacher Named Regional Airline Executive of the Year

CINCINNATI, May 14, 2002—Comair President Randy Rademacher today was named Regional Airline Executive of the Year by Commuter/Regional Airline News. Rademacher was recognized for his leadership during the airline’s rapid operational recovery in 2001 following an 89-day work stoppage.

“Anybody can do well when things go well, but it’s the ability to recover and do well during challenging situations that truly defines an outstanding executive. Randy has done an exceptional job of focusing the airline and its employees on taking care of its customers after a difficult year,” said Douglas Nelms, senior editor of Commuter/Regional Airline News.

Nelms presented Rademacher with the award at the Regional Airline Association (RAA) Convention in Nashville, Tenn. Commuter/Regional Airline News is the leading weekly publication in the regional aviation industry.

After suspending operations for nearly three months during the spring and early summer of 2001, Comair resumed flights on July 2 with 90 departures to 26 cities. Within 20 days the airline was operating more than 50 percent of its pre-strike schedule, offering 432 departures to 81 cities. Today the airline operates 800 daily departures to 100 cities in the United States, the Bahamas and Canada.

Facilitating the rapid resumption of service to customers was Comair’s proactive approach to managing the airline through the suspension of operations. The airline also took unprecedented steps to keep non-striking employees on the payroll for two months to minimize the impact on their lives and maintain workforce continuity. These employees spent part of the time performing community service.


“It’s gratifying to have a member of the Delta Connection team recognized for leadership,” said Fred Buttrell, president and chief executive officer, Delta Connection, Inc. “Comair employees demonstrated their commitment to customers by rallying as a team to accomplish a quick operational recovery. Their focus on teamwork and customer service speaks to Randy’s ability to lead and create a culture that puts a premium on taking care of customers and employees. I’m proud that Randy and the people of Comair are part of the Delta Connection team.”

Rademacher dedicated the “Regional Airline Executive of the Year” award to the airline’s employees.

“I appreciate that Commuter/Regional Airline News was kind enough to present this award in my name, but it was won by the employees who actually operate the airline and make it work so well for our customers,’’ Rademacher said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to lead a talented team of 5,000 aviation professionals.”

An 18-year veteran of Comair, Rademacher was named president in January 2000. Rademacher joined the airline in 1985 as director of Corporate Finance. He was promoted to controller in 1986, vice president in 1989 and then was promoted to senior vice president and chief financial officer in 1993. A native of Indiana, Rademacher is a graduate of the University of Evansville in Evansville, Ind. Prior to joining Comair, he worked for Arthur Andersen LLP. Rademacher is a member of the University of Evansville Business and Engineering Advisory Council and serves on the Board of Trustees of Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. Rademacher resides in the Cincinnati area with his wife, Jeani, daughter Brandi and son Joshua.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL), Comair has been a Delta Connection carrier since 1984. Established in Cincinnati in 1977, Comair celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2002. For flight service information or to make reservations, please visit