IATA Safety Report 2001

The IATA Safety Report shows that operational loss rates of western-built jets, per million sectors flown, reduced from 1.1 in 2000 to 1.0 in 2001, per million sectors flown. In terms of rate per million flying hours, the reduction was from 0.59 in 2000 to 0.54 in 2001. The number of people losing their lives in air accidents in 2001 halved, compared with 2000. The year 2001 was the best year for accident prevention in the entire period 1992-2001.

The events of September 11, although tragic for all involved, do not figure in the safety statistics. They were not air accidents, but terrorist breaches of security.

There was a 21% increase in the number of approach and landing accidents for western built jet aircraft when compared with last year. Within this category there has been a significant increase in the number of accidents where the aircraft landed short of the runway, particularly affecting cargo operations.

The IATA Safety Report is an authoritative and compelling statement of what is going on in the world of aviation safety and security against the backdrop of the air accidents that occurred last year. Unlike many other safety statistics and bulletins issued, this report presents factual narratives of the accidents, carefully reviews the accidents against established safety metrics, completes a balanced analysis of the statistics, and makes authoritative recommendations.

The accidents examined were those involving both Western and Eastern Built Jet and Turboprop aircraft, either destroyed or substantially damaged in commercial operational service. Terrorist events are not accidents by nature and are therefore excluded from this analysis. However, the Report does address the principal Security issues affecting the industry and explains what IATA is doing to implement Safety Strategy 2000 + across a number of important safety initiatives.


The IATA Safety Report 2001 which is now available, has been greatly enhanced notably:

? The Jet and Turboprop Reports have been merged into one colour-printed report ? A CD-ROM containing an electronic version of the Safety Report and additional valuable Safety related information and documents is also enclosed with the report ? The new IATA Directory of Airline Safety Representatives (1st edition) is included ? The Flight Safety Foundation`s ALAR Tool Kit CD-ROM is also part of the package.

To obtain copies of the IATA Safety Report 2001, please contact - IATA Customer Service Telephone: 800-71-66-32-60,
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