American Airlines Reminds Passengers About Pets, Baggage and Boxes

FORT WORTH, Texas - The “dog days” of summer are fast approaching, and American Airlines and its regional partner, American Eagle, are reminding passengers that pets will not be accepted as checked baggage on flights effective Wednesday, May 15, through Sunday, Sept.15, 2002.
The airline will also institute a box and bag embargo on flights to certain cities from May 25 through Sept. 3.
“During the summer we experience high temperatures pretty much throughout our system, so we institute this restriction to protect the animals,” said Dan Garton, executive vice president of Customer Services. “Pets may, however, travel via the AA Cargo system, where we can offer different types of handling, provided the temperature is not expected to exceed 85¡ Fahrenheit and 29¡ Centigrade anywhere in the routing.”
AA provides several options that allow for shipping pets of various sizes as cargo. Animal shipments up to 70 lbs. can be accepted as Priority Parcel Servicesm (PPS) shipments from AA Cargo terminals and dedicated PPS facilities. Animal shipments up to 100 lbs. can also be shipped from AA Cargo terminals using AA Cargo’s express flight specific product, ExpeditefsSM. Larger animals over 100 lbs. can be shipped as cargo using AA Cargo’s Confirmedfssm.
Dedicated facilities for handling American’s PPS are located at Chicago O’Hare, Miami, New York Kennedy, San Francisco and San Juan, and a new AA Global Priority Shipping Centersm opened last month for PPS shipments at Dallas/Fort Worth. The new state-of-the-art shipping facility features a convenient drive-through pick-up door and a special climate-controlled animal care center designed for the pet’s maximum comfort.

In all cases, the acceptance of animals as cargo or Priority Parcel Service is contingent upon compliance with all relevant government regulations, especially temperature restrictions. While most breeds of dogs and cats cannot be shipped if temperature exceeds 85¡ F / 29¡ C anywhere in the routing, pug-nosed dogs and cats will not be accepted if the temperature exceeds 75¡ F / 24¡ C anywhere in the routing. Full instructions and helpful guidelines for booking and shipping pets may be obtained at or by calling 1-800-Cargo AA (227-4622).
Additionally, passengers traveling on American and American Eagle to destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and South America will not be able to check boxes during the embargo period due to heavy summer loads. This limitation also applies to flights from Los Angeles to Miami and Fort Lauderdale. There is a year-round box embargo for flights between JFK and all Caribbean and Latin America destinations.

“Our intent is to provide the best customer service possible and to consider the needs of everyone who flies with us,” Garton said. “There are limitations on the amount of baggage we can carry—both in the cabin and cargo areas—based on the size of our aircraft.”
Oversize, overweight or excess baggage will not be accepted for flights to the destinations covered by the embargo. Passengers are limited to a maximum of two checked bags, with each not exceeding 62 linear inches (computed by adding the length, width and height of the bag) and 70 pounds. One carry-on bag is allowed and its maximum size is 45 linear inches and its maximum weight is 40 pounds. Sports equipment, such as golf bags, bikes and surfboards can be accepted as part of the total checked bag allowance, although additional charges may apply.

The baggage embargo applies to Managua, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Guatemala City, Panama City and San Salvador in Central America; Bogota, Cali, Medellin, La Paz, Quito, Santa Cruz, Lima, Caracas and Maracaibo in South America; Santo Domingo, Port au Prince, Puerto Plata, Santiago, Port of Spain, Kingston and Montego Bay in the Caribbean; Guadalajara and Leon in Mexico, as well as from Los Angeles to Miami and to Fort Lauderdale in the United States. All American Eagle flights to and from San Juan are also included.