American Airlines Opposes Increasing the Federal Passenger Security Tax on Airline Tickets

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines today announced its opposition to the U.S. House Appropriations Committee’s proposal to increase the security fee charged airline passengers from $2.50 to $5 per flight, for a maximum of $20 per round-trip ticket.
“At a time when the airline industry remains mired in red ink, it is imperative that the federal government not place any additional burdens on the traveling public that will cause them to forgo travel,” said Will Ris, American’s senior vice president - Government Affairs. “Although we fully support the need to provide a safe and secure federal air transportation system, we can ill afford to price passengers out of the market.

“Already, travelers pay passenger facilities charges (PFCs) and sales taxes on their tickets,” Ris said. “To increase the security fee by 100 percent will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on an already precarious airline industry.

“American Airlines urges Congress to recognize that providing a safe and secure air transportation system is a national security matter that must be addressed through the federal budget - not on the backs of the traveling public,” Ris said.