Continental Airlines to Equip Boeing 777 With Cabin Monitoring System

Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL)
will initiate a pilot project to equip a Boeing 777 aircraft with a Cabin
Monitoring System as an added element in its flight security program.

A multi-camera video system will allow pilots in the flight deck to
observe various areas of the cabin, mainly focused on ensuring security in the
vicinity of the flight deck door.  The system also gives the cabin crew an
additional source of information about the cabin status through flight
attendants` communication with the flight deck.

The project is made possible by a grant from the Federal Aviation
Administration from funds authorized by Congress to enhance flight security.

“Good security programs have multiple features that together form an
effective deterrent or barrier, and we think that providing our crews with
another view of the cabin will complement other security measures,” said
Debbie McCoy, Sr. V.P.-Flight Operations.  “The system will be particularly
beneficial in focusing on anyone requesting access to the flight deck in order
to confirm their identity.”

After in-service trials and review, Continental will evaluate extending
the program to other aircraft.