United Airlines Makes Summer Travel Easier

CHICAGO, April 29, 2002 å- United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) announced that starting today, customers who are not checking bags need only to arrive at the airport an hour before their scheduled flight.  Those customers who have luggage to check should still get to the airport at least 90 minutes before they fly, and customers who are flying to an international destination should arrive at least two hours before their flight.

“Our research has shown that an overwhelming majority of our customers have relatively short waits at security checkpoints, so we think it makes sense to give more time back to those customers who are not checking bags,” said Pete McDonald, United’s senior vice president for Airport Operations. “Throughout this year, United has worked hard to make travel easier—we`ve added 35 additional screening lanes at our biggest airports to date, and working with the Transportation Security Administration, we plan to add more at our Chicago and Denver hubs this summer.”

As travelers begin to make their summer travel plans, United recommends customers log on to united.com to get fresh updates on security line waits at all of the airports the airline serves.  When customers go to united.com, they can get a quick snapshot of the average line waits and ticket counter hours of operation.  United was one of the first airlines to make this information available to its customers.

United also announced today that it has added a frequent-flyer security checkpoint lane at Sky Harbor International Airport at Phoenix for United Mileage Plus 1K, Premier Executive and Premier members.

United was the first airline to introduce the very popular lanes for United’s First Class and full-fare Business Class customers, Pass Plus customers, Mileage Plus 1K, Premier Executive and Premier members and STAR Alliance Gold members at Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, New York (JFK), Newark, Boston and in Seattle.  In Seattle, United offers Priority Lines to United’s 1K Mileage Plus and Premier Executive members.


United hopes to add the frequent-flyer lines at other airports in its system throughout the year.

United Airlines offers about 1,700 flights a day on a route network that spans the globe.  News releases and other information about United Airlines can be found at the company’s website, www.united.com.