FAA`s Office of Dispute Resolution Wins Award for its Streamlining Processes

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Transportation`s Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) has received an award from the
Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for its outstanding
Federal Procurement Alternative Dispute Resolution program.

The award recognizes the FAA`s Office of Dispute Resolution for
Acquisition (ODRA), an independent office within the FAA`s Office
of Chief Counsel, for its innovative and non-litigious conflict
resolution practices, such as arbitration and mediation.  This is the
first time OMB recognized agencies for their Alternative Dispute
Resolution programs.

“We`re pleased to be recognized for developing a dispute
resolution process that helps preserve business relations between
the agency and its contractors,” said Anthony Palladino, director
of ODRA.

Alternative Dispute Resolution provides effective and expedited
processes for resolving disputes in a variety of areas, including
contract disputes between agencies and contractors.  ODRA helps
resolve bid protests and contract disputes.  It also provides
dispute avoidance services in matters that have not yet reached
the formal litigation stage.
The FAA uses Alternative Dispute Resolution as its primary
method of resolving disputes.  ODRA incorporates a range of
dispute resolution options including, arbitration, early neutral
evaluation and facilitated negotiation.

Of the 250 matters that have been brought to ODRA since its
creation 4 ? years ago, 84 percent of all contract disputes and 54
percent of all bid protests have been fully resolved through the
use of consensual dispute resolution processes.  Ninety-five
percent of the informal pre-litigation matters brought to ODRA
have not evolved into litigation.