Delta Air Lines CEO Leo F. Mullin Tells Shareowners Airline “Will Thrive”

Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) CEO Leo F. Mullin today reported at the companys annual shareowners meeting that “Delta will thrive, and emerge as a better, stronger, more competitive and more successful company than ever before.”

“Prior to 9/11, Delta had developed a strong foundation which served us well in the aftermath of the crisis and will continue to serve us going forward,” Mullin said today in Washington, D.C. “Delta has a well-defined strategic direction which builds on our strong foundation and provides us with more opportunities to succeed than any other airline.”

Mullin cited Deltas strong, industry-leading position, with the strongest balance sheet of the nations hub and spoke carriers.

“In key financial measures for the industry - including operating profit margin, cost per available seat mile and return on investment - Delta exceeded all hub and spoke airlines,” said Mullin.

Mullin said that, going forward, the airline “must think through the fact that old assumptions no longer prevail, and think through how to both respond to these changed assumptions and also how to take advantage of them.”


Delta is not, he said, “waiting for the world to come back and fill its flights once more.”

Mullin stressed that the airline must continue to put customers first, find innovative ways to meet the growing strength of low-cost carriers, and work with the government to ensure that returning airline passengers experience the level of customer service they deserve.

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