United Airlines Pilots to Enter Discussions with Management on Global Recovery Program

ROSEMONT, IL - The United Airlines Master Executive Council (UAL-MEC), a unit of the Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) issued a statement today confirming that it will commence discussions with the company concerning pilot participation in a global recovery program for United Airlines.

Captain Paul Whiteford, chairman of the UAL-MEC, said: “We continue to review United’s financial performance and have agreed to work with the company to develop a recovery program involving all of the company’s stakeholders over the next few weeks. We are confident that a properly constructed financial program will position United to solidify and grow its network as the industry recovers.”

The UAL-MEC has retained outside legal and financial professionals to provide advice on the structure of a recovery plan and has completed its initial review of the company’s current and projected financial results. In a recent meeting with United senior management, Captain Whiteford stressed the need for widespread participation and shared sacrifice by all the company’s stakeholders.

“We will discuss labor cost relief in the context of an overall program that includes equitable contributions from all United stakeholders as an essential component of a solid business plan backed by adequate financing. Such a program also will include real financial returns for the pilot group,” Captain Whiteford explained.

“United has the best franchise and network in the airline industry. We intend to work with the Company and all of its stakeholders to weather the current industry environment and protect the career prospects of the pilot group.”


The UAL-MEC represents approximately 10,000 United pilots. The United pilot group owns approximately 25 percent of the stock of UAL. United has been employee-owned since July 12, 1994 and a majority of UAL stock is held by its employees. ALPA represents 62,000 airline pilots at 43 carriers. Its Web site is at http://www.alpa.org.