Austrian Airlines Expand Services on Asian Long Haul Routes

Just as the airline industry was digesting the news that the Austrian Airlines Group is expanding its Austria-Japan services in its 2002 summer schedule, the company has produced another winning combination! Vagn Soerensen, Chief Executive Officer and spokesman for the Austrian Airlines Group Board of Management, announced in Tokyo that the Group was to expand its services between Vienna and Osaka. Now, Mr. Soerensen has notified journalists that the Group will not only be expanding its connections between Austria and Japan further still, but that it will also be increasing Group service frequencies to mainland Asia.

“From 21 July 2002, the beginning of the holidays in Japan, our direct Vienna-Osaka-Vienna service, which currently operates five times a week, will be increased further still to seven flights a week. This increase to a daily service will be made as part of the Joint Operation Agreement with our Star Alliance Partner All Nippon Airways (ANA). We are doing this after thorough investigation with our travel industry partners in order to further develop this promising market,” explained Mr. Soerensen as he outlined the details of the expansion. “We will now operate a total of twelve direct services between the two countries for the second half of the summer schedule.

In light of the strong demand for advance bookings, the Austrian Airlines Group will also increase the frequency of its Vienna-Beijing-Vienna service. While a fourth weekly flight to the Chinese capital was introduced as recently as the end of March 2002, it has now been decided to increase this figure to five flights a week as of 1 July 2002.
Departure from Vienna on Tuesday and Thursday will now be at 2.35 p.m., with arrival in Beijing at 6.05 a.m. local time the following day, while the Group’s Airbus A330/A340 aircraft will now depart from Vienna on Wednesdays (the new service), Fridays and Sundays at 7.40 p.m., arriving in Beijing at 11.05 a.m. the following day. The return flights will depart from Beijing every daily except than Tuesday and Sunday at 12.40 p.m., with arrival back in Vienna at 4.40 p.m.

Furthermore with effect of 1 July 2002 Services to India will be increased. In addition to three flights a week Vienna-Delhi-Vienna, there will be another Non-Stop-Service. Departure from Vienna every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday (new) and Sunday at 01.30 p.m., arrival in Delhi 11.55 p.m. Return Flights in Delhi start every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday (new) at 01.45 a.m. with arrival in Vienna at 06.05 a.m.

The newly extended Asian flight schedule of the Austrian Airlines Group guarantees the best possible connecting flights from and to Western and Eastern Europe via Vienna International Airport. This will serve to strengthen the hub function of Vienna Airport in both intercontinental and European traffic.