Air China: Thirty-Eight Survive Korean Crash

The death toll in Monday`s Air China crash is now believed to be 120. One of the aircraft`s pilots, who has serious injuries, is among the 38 people who survived and are being treated in hospital.

Rescue teams are still searching the crash site on a mountainside near South Korea`s second largest city, Pusan. Of the 166 people on board flight CA129 eight are still to be accounted for.

The Boeing 767 came down in poor weather conditions as it made a second attempt to land at fog-bound Kimhae Airport.

The aircraft which, according to reports, had been blown off course was nearing the end of a flight from the Chinese capital, Beijing. It is the first fatal incident involving a state-owned Air China plane.

United States air safety officials are to join South Korean and Chinese investigators to look into the causes of the crash. Both of the 767-200`s “black box” flight recorders have been recovered.