Finnair Supervisory Board shrinks

The Finnair Shareholders’ Meeting held on Thursday, 11 April 2002 decided upon hearing the report of by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication to decrease the number of Supervisory Board Members from eighteen to thirteen.

The Members of the Supervisory Board in turn to resign were Matti Kankare, Tarja Kautto, Elisa Pelkonen, Pekka Perttula, Sirpa Pentikäinen and Iiro Viinanen. In addition Virpa Puisto, Pertti Salolainen and Ralf Sund had asked for resignation from the Supervisory Board.

From those in turn to resign, the following were elected for a second three-year period: Matti Kankare and Tarja Kautto as well as Sirpa Pietikäinen who is to sit for the remainder of Pertti Salolainen’s term. Party Secretary Aulis Rooth was elected to sit for the remainder of Ralf Sund’s term.

The members of the new Supervisory Board are: Deputy CEO Markku Hyvärinen, MSc (Econ) Felix Björklund, MSc (Econ) Riitta Backas, Party Secretary Peter Heinström, Member of Parliament Tytti Isohookana-Asunmaa, Party Secretary Matti Kankare, Member of Parliament Tarja Kautto, Member of Parliament Juha Korkeaoja, Managing Director Markku Koskenniemi, LL.M. Jouko K. Leskinen, Member of Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of Parliament Jussi Ranta and Party Secretary Aulis Rooth.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communication announced that it would conduct a report within four weeks on the benefits of current members of the company’s governing bodies as well as those former members of governing bodies who served for over ten years. In addition, the governing body, which is to decide on these benefits, will be determined.


The Annual Sharehoders` Meeting accepted the Board of Directors’ proposal of a dividend of 0,07 euros per share. The dividend will be paid on 23 April 2002.