Clear Role and Responsibility for Lauda Air within Austrian Airlines Group

As part of the implementation of the Production Company Concept within the Austrian Airlines Group - which assigns clearly defined roles to the respective airline partners - Lauda Air is assuming an important complementary position. Dr. Josef Burger, Chief Commercial Officer for the Group and responsible for the overall marketing division including charter business, had the following to say on the co-operation concept: “The Production Company Concept is based on a combination of the individual strengths of our carriers and now clearly defines areas of responsibility!”

Lauda Air bears commercial responsibility for all charter flights within the Austrian Airlines Group and will have access to the charter capacities of all four partner airlines. In return, Lauda Air as Production Company will offer its scheduled capacity on selected long-haul flights to Austrian Airlines, who are now responsible for the entire scheduled network.

“We are dedicated to the management of Lauda Air as a separate operation and a well-established brand in a wealth of global markets,” Dr. Burger explained. Additionally he said: “With the new Lauda Air Management and its highly competent team, we have created the best possible prerequisites for another successful formation flight within the Group!”