New CAA Website Launched

A new expanded and restructured website has been launched by the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The site offers an increased level of information about the CAA and new services.

The improvements include:

an enhanced graphical presentation / single site hosting / easier navigation which includes a site map / a technical design which aims to provide information quickly to the screen / more information on the CAA’s work; and
an updated news section allowing easier access to CAA press notices.

The site, which has been developed internally, replaces the CAA’s previous internet presence and uses the one web address of Since the launch of the new site around 2,000 organisations and individuals have used it every working day.

The CAA’s Head of Information Management, Nick Povey, commented: “One of the major improvements is that all the information is now held in one site and data on the whole of the CAA can be searched with just one enquiry. Users are finding the site much easier and more efficient to use thanks to better navigation and design. We needed to bring all of the CAA’s web presence together and also put it into a unified format.”


For those new to the CAA a graphical representation of the organisation’s work, called ‘The Journey’, is included on the home page. This follows the CAA`s involvement in a passenger`s flight, from booking a ticket at a CAA-licensed ATOL holder to safety requirements on-board the aircraft and regulation of air traffic control, and makes the role and work of the CAA much easier to understand.

Also new to the site is a database of publications from all the areas of the CAA. This section of the site will form the basis for a new initiative for the publication of the CAA’s documents. Within the next six months it is planned that all current CAA Civil Aviation Publications (CAPs) will be available free-of-charge on the CAA internet site. Customers will then have the option of either downloading the document for free or purchasing a printed version from a third party supplier. Visitors to the site will also be able to subscribe to a free update service that will e-mail them information on changes to publications.

“As many of our publications are updated frequently it’s important that people have the latest versions,” said Nick Povey. “We know that many of our customers have access to the internet and will find the new publications service very useful.”

For more information please contact Jonathan Nicholson on 020 7453 6027.