American Airlines Cargo Announces Fuel Surcharge

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines Cargo announced today that it is applying a fuel surcharge for air cargo shipments to offset the trend of increased fuel prices, effective April 17, 2002. The fuel surcharge was first applied in February 2000 when fuel prices reached similar levels and adjusted as those prices fluctuated through last year. In December 2001, the surcharge was withdrawn as oil prices declined.

“Oil prices have steadily increased in recent weeks, exceeding the levels in 2000 when we previously applied our surcharge,” said Richard Denhart, spokesperson for American Airlines Cargo. “As fuel represents a large variable operating cost for an airline, we need to reintroduce this surcharge to address this increased cost pressure. We will closely monitor the on-going fuel price situation and make adjustments to this surcharge as warranted.”

The surcharge will be applied at a rate of $0.05 per kilogram for all air cargo shipments from the U.S. to international destinations and $0.02 per pound for shipments within the United States. Most shipments originating in non-U.S. countries will have surcharges based upon local currency. Complete surcharge details are available at American Airlines Cargo’s Internet site,