JAL and Security During The World Cup

Security issues for the World Cup, The Hooligan Question: JAL has released these answers.
We have made a comprehensive study of this issue including all stages of service and transportation. This has included marketing methods, reservations, allocation of group seating, airport passenger handling, cabin services, security and flight operations.
OUr general conclusion is that our current standard operating procedures in all areas are adequate, although we will introduce some temporary measures during the duration of the event. For example: Suspension of alcohol sales on deomestic flights only, publication of advisory leaflets for apssengers at check-in.
We will not be employing externally contracted security guards for in-flight duty.
Unlike other Japanese airlines, on our Japan-Europe routes we have employed European cabin crew (predominantly British, Irish, German etc) for many years (first intorduced 1998) and they are well tuned in to the needs and psychology of our European passengers. Similarly we also employ Chinese-speaking cabin attendants based in Hong Kong and Singapore.
(London Based Crew: 211 / Frankfurt Based Crew: 79)
We already have established procedures for dealing with unruly passenger behaviour and we will not hesitate to use those measures should the need arise. These measures include cautioning the offender with a printed warning, physical restraint and possible flight diversion or return to airport of origin. In such cases, those liable for the diversion will be billed for the expenses incurred (e.g fuel cost).
We must be careful not to confuse good-natured happy behaviour with rowdysim. We want all our passengers to have comfortable, enjoyable flights in a warm, friendly atmosphere on their journeys to and from this great sporting event.