Ryanair Welcomes Court Clarification

Ryanair, Germanyå‘s largest low fares airline today welcomed the further clarification of the Cologne Court which has confirmed that it is permissible to use the legal name of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, subject to Ryanairå‘s adverts providing adequate clarification to consumers of the location of the airport and the means of connection to/from Frankfurt. Ryanair confirmed that it has written to the German Court in order to reach agreement on these further points of clarification.

Speaking today on learning of the German Court’s decision, Ryanair’s Chief Executive, Michael O’Leary said;

“We welcome this decision from the German Courts which confirms once and for all that we are free to call Frankfurt-Hahn Airport by its legal name. We welcome the guidance of the Court in seeking to provide German consumers and visitors with as much clarity as is necessary as to the location of the airport and the ease of connecting between it and the city of Frankfurt.

“All of this information and detail has been contained on our website at www.RYANAIR.COM through which more than 90% of all Ryanair’s bookings are taken. We have now written to the Court seeking their guidance as to how we best communicate these issues in the form of reasonably understandable advertising in our German advertising.

“Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is now the fastest growing airport in German if not in Europe. German consumers and visitors are now using it in ever increasing numbers. With the successful launch of seven new routes at the airport on the 14th February last, traffic numbers now exceed 100,000 passengers a month, or more than 1 million passengers a year. It is clear from this success that German consumers are in no way confused as to the location of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, and equally visitors to Frankfurt-Hahn find it a convenient, uncongested and simple means of accessing not just the city of Frankfurt but the greater Frankfurt region as well.


“To celebrate the positive outcome of this case today Ryanair announced its lowest ever seat sale across the ten routes it operates from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, with more than 100,000 seats on sale for travel over the next four weeks at a fare of €9 one way. Clearly seats at these incredible prices will sell out quickly, so we urge everyone to book them straight away at www.RYANAIR.COM”.