Qantas introduces new passenger screening equipment Introduces New Passenger Screening Equipment

Qantas is investing more than $10 million on new passenger screening equipment as part of a scheduled revamp of security equipment throughout Australia from next month.

The acquisition of 39 X-ray machines, 69 walk-through metal detectors and explosive trace detection equipment follows almost 12 months of intensive planning and negotiations with international suppliers.

The equipment will be installed across the 20 Australian domestic and regional passenger terminals where Qantas is the appointed screening authority.

Qantas Security and Investigation Services Group General Manager Geoffrey Askew said the planned installation of the new equipment was on schedule and would be concluded in the first half of this year.

“The revamp will deliver cutting-edge security technology to airports and enhance the ability of our security screeners to identify prohibited items and react accordingly,” Mr Askew said.


“These measures underscore our commitment to the delivery of the highest standard of security to our customers and staff.”

The roll-out of the new equipment over coming months will include training in the additional functionality and an update on Qantas procedures and government requirements.

Mr Askew said the new equipment had the latest features available on the market.

“The X-ray machines have enhanced filtering technology, a heads-up display which allows the operator to use touch screen technology to manipulate, isolate, reverse or magnify an image.

“The walk-through metal detectors feature enhanced detection of metal objects and have a very high immunity to external interferences.”

The equipment will be supplied and maintained by an internationally recognised supplier of advanced X-ray screening technology, metal detectors and trace detection systems.