easyJet presents Northern Ireland MPs with a pair of glasses

Northern Ireland MPs David Burnside and Jeffrey Donaldson are to be presented with a pair of glasses by easyJet as it feels that these will help them see more clearly which airline Northern Ireland business travellers are using.

It is also to challenge them to campaign as forcefully for low-cost air services as they do for those of the traditional airlines. Recently both MP`s have claimed their part in encouraging British Midland to increase its services from Belfast International.

Yet according to independent research1, Northern Ireland company heads, directors and senior managers say they use easyJet for business travel more than other airlines. In addition, according to Civil Aviation statistics for 2001, easyJet is now Northern Ireland`s largest airline, carrying over one million passengers.

easyJet believes that if Mr Burnside and Mr Donaldson are really in touch with business people, they should protest for the growth of low-cost airlines, and looks forward to hearing about any support they can offer towards its development in Northern Ireland.