Atlanta Icelandic freighter flies again

Air Atlanta Icelandic is bringing a Boeing 747-200 freighter back into use as part of the Icelandic government`s contribution to the campaign of aid for Afghanistan.
The aircraft, registered TF-ATZ, was previously operated by British Airways as G-BDXM and has been parked since autumn 2001. The support from the Icelandic government will enable it to start operating this week on behalf of UNICEF to carry aid from Billund, Denmark, to Tashkent and on behalf of the World Health Organisation from Amsterdam to Islamabad.
A second Boeing 747-200 freighter, registered TF-ATX and also acquired from British Airways, will fly from Hong Kong to Sharjah later this week. Both aircraft will be available for other flights.
Air Atlanta Icelandic operates Boeing 767 and 747 aircraft on behalf of airlines that need extra capacity. The aircraft are registered in Iceland and operated and maintained to the highest standards of the pan-European Joint Aviation Authorities.

Air Atlanta is currently operating 14 aircraft flying passengers from North and West Africa, the Middle and Far East. Further contracts will start in May. The airline has operated narrow body cargo aircraft for most of its existence though has concentrated on wide bodied passenger service in recent years.
Hafthor Hafsteinsson, CEO of Air Atlanta, said, “We are very pleased to have been called on to help the government in such a cause. Like everyone else, we«ve gone through difficult times since September 11, so it is good to see the increase in fleet utilization. Plans for the summer are being finalised and we are talking to customers about the autumn and next winter. It is too early to be certain which contracts will come to fruition but it is certainly encouraging to be discussing plans that far ahead.”