America West to Purchase 40 Additional Self-Service Kiosks

America West Airlines
(AWA) announced today that it has purchased 40 additional self-service check-in kiosks. Approximately 1,800 customers use the airline`s kiosks every day. The self-service units allow customers to check in for their flights in less than one minute.
“We`re thrilled with our customers` acceptance and use of our existing self-service check-in kiosks. It`s clear our customers like this technology because it is quick, easy-to-use and secure,” said Anthony Mule, America West`s senior vice president, customer service. “The decision to purchase this many additional kiosks shows America West is committed to continuous improvement in customer service.”

The kiosks are similar to automated teller machines. Customers simply enter one of several identification options and then follow the prompts on the touch screen. The kiosks allow customers to check in for their flight, select or change a seat assignment, upgrade to First Class (if available), add their frequent flyer number to the reservation record, obtain a boarding pass and print an electronic ticket receipt.


America West recently installed six kiosks in its Las Vegas hub and six additional kiosks in its Phoenix hub, bringing the total number of kiosks in Sky Harbor International Airport`s Terminal 4 to 12. Other airports where America West has installed kiosks are: Tucson, Ariz.; Los Angeles; Orange County, Calif.; and Raleigh-Durham, N.C. America West will be installing kiosks in Denver and Columbus, Ohio in the next couple weeks. With the purchase of 40 additional kiosks, the airline will be utilizing 58 of the self-service check-in units at airports in its network of 88 destinations.

Kinetics` self-service terminals provided the ideal framework for the airline`s customized kiosks. “Kinetics has provided us with a key infrastructure component that has enabled our development team to create a reliable, customer-friendly interface,” said Joe Beery, chief information officer for America West Airlines.


“This order of additional Kinetics TouchPort kiosks represents an increasingly productive relationship between Kinetics and America West, and more importantly, between America West and its customers,” said David Melnik, president and chief executive officer of Kinetics. “In the midst of a stressed financial and operating environment for all airlines, America West, already a leader in on-time performance, is enhancing customer service by returning control of the check-in process to its passengers and at the same time significantly improving its own operational productivity.”

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