Boingo Wireless and Wayport to Promote Wi-Fi Adoption

Boingo Wireless and Wayport are involved in a joint promotion of Boingo Wireless service available via Wayport`s networks in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Seattle-Tacoma airports in an effort to make it easy for business travelers to purchase public Wi-Fi (802.11b) high-speed Internet access.
Boingo is staffing booths in both airports offering free Wi-Fi cards to people who commit to three months of Boingo Wireless Internet service.
Wayport has co-branded the Wayport Welcome login pages at each airport and included links to download the Boingo Software and sign up for the Boingo Wireless Internet service. The booths are in place throughout the summer months in both Seattle and Dallas.


Boingo Wireless service enables Boingo customers to roam seamlessly at more than 600 Wi-Fi hot spot locations, including Wayport`s nationwide Wi-Fi network of hundreds of hotels (lobbies and common areas) and four airports (all terminals and gates).

Boingo utilizes Wi-Fi, also referred to as 802.11b, which has emerged as the preeminent international standard for wireless broadband Internet access. Wi- Fi provides speeds of up to 11 megabits per second, almost 200 times faster than 56k dial-up service.