Galileo International to Offer GDS Web Services

Galileo International
, a leading
provider of electronic global distribution services (GDS) for the travel
industry, today announced that it is the first GDS to offer complete Web
services solutions to the travel industry. 
Web services are
technology-platform independent interfaces that allow customers to directly
access Galileo`s travel information and services. Galileo`s Web services will
enable its customers, which include travel agencies, software developers and
suppliers of air, hotel, car, tour and cruise services, to deliver travel and
booking information to their consumers faster while saving significant costs.
“We`re committed to lead the market in Web services innovation and
development.  We`re currently deploying Web services with select customers,
and will introduce Web services solutions to all of our customers in the
upcoming months,” said Mickey Lutz, Galileo`s CIO.  “Web services will enable
us to provide all of our customers with an open-systems gateway to our suite
of central business information and services.  This will increase customer
project efficiencies and functionality while saving costs.”

  With Web services, customers can easily access information from Galileo to
do anything from building an Internet booking engine to integrating travel
information within their Web sites with Web access as their only requirement.
For example, if a hotel wished to provide up-to-date flight information on its
Web site, they could use Galileo Web services to do this without the long
integration times and intimate technical knowledge previously required.  With
Galileo Web services, project development times can be significantly reduced,
up to 75 percent in some cases.  Customer information can be seamlessly
integrated with Galileo data regardless of what operating platform each system
resides on, or what language each system is written in.

  Currently, Galileo Wireless(TM) and, the full-service leisure
travel Web site, integrate weather data from Galileo servers into their
systems using Galileo Web services.  Additionally, select travel organizations
will utilize Galileo`s hosted Web services for accessing data, such as air
fares and flight availability, from Galileo`s Apollo(R) system.  This Galileo
service will then be embedded in their Web sites, offering an additional
service to their online customers.

  By using Web services, companies are able to forgo some of the time
previously required to integrate Galileo air fare and flight availability data
within their Web sites, which could result in significant savings.  More
importantly, Galileo customers are able to provide better travel services to
their customers by connecting directly to Galileo`s systems.
To deploy Web services, Galileo is using the standard, Simple Object
Access Protocol (SOAP), which provides a way for applications to communicate
with each other over the Internet, independent of platform.  SOAP relies on
structured XML data from the Apollo and Galileo(R) systems to define the
format of the information and typically uses HTTP to send it.  Web services
will be the next evolution of Galileo`s current XML Select(TM) product

  Pricing and Availability
  Pricing for Galileo Web services will be based on an annual licensing fee
and on a pay-for-service transaction model.  Galileo is currently deploying
Web services on a limited basis, and plans to announce generally available Web
services solutions in the third quarter of 2002.