SolarNet Direct Connection to Amadeus Completed

SolarNet , a leading provider of
business-to-business information management and electronic distribution
solutions for the travel industry, has announced the completion of the
SolarNet direct connection to the Amadeus global distribution system (GDS).

SolarNet entered into an agreement with Amadeus last April to establish a
direct connection to the Amadeus GDS. The direct connection enables SolarNet`s
clients to distribute their travel product information to Amadeus travel
agencies worldwide.
Amadeus agents worldwide have 24/7 desktop access to SolarNet, free of
charge. As a result of the implementation of the SolarNet direct connection to
Amadeus the access code that Amadeus agents use to access SolarNet is now
“With the completion of this direct connection to Amadeus, Solarnet now
has complete control of its distribution component on all the worlds primary
global distribution systems. This finalizes a key component in our objective
to provide our clients with the most comprehensive accessibility to travel
professionals globally,” said Andrew O`Leary, President and CEO, of SolarNet.

“SolarNet`s business focus is on providing affordable automation solutions for
the small to midsize leisure, and specialty vendor, segments of the travel
industry. Our strategy is to be the entry point for the multi-channel
distribution of applications and information for segments of the industry
currently not represented on the major GDS`s.”