Agentware Selected for Suite of Travel Technology Products

Valerie Wilson Travel, Inc., headquartered in New
York City and ranked as the 21st largest travel agency in the United States
in Travel Weekly`s 2001 survey, has selected AgentWare to provide a suite of
travel technology products to include the Travel Console web fare search
tool, the AgentWare Fare Audit Data Service and AgentWare Profile
Integration Module.
Valerie Wilson Travel will use AgentWare
products to
enhance the elevated service levels already provided to corporate and
leisure clients. 

“AgentWare offers not only the Travel Console, the most advanced web fare
search tool in the industry, but also supporting products that greatly
enhance the services that we are able to offer our clients,” states Valerie
Ann Wilson, Chairman and President.  ” The Fare Audit Data Service allows
Valerie Wilson Travel to give corporate clients compiled data, highlighting
the difference between web fare searches and GDS fares, and enabling them to
make informed decisions on using web fares vs. negotiated fares.
Additionally, AgentWare allows us to integrate our current client profiles
for use in the Travel Console, making the use of web fares even easier.”

“Valerie Wilson Travel is a premier agency with a quickly growing base of
both corporate and leisure clients,” states Les Ottolenghi, CEO and
Co-Founder of AgentWare.  “AgentWare provides Valerie Wilson Travel with new
service offerings to further differentiate their excellent service.”

The AgentWare Travel Console(tm) is a web fare search tool dedicated to
enhancing the value provided by travel agents. Travel agencies can track and
report on web bookings made via the Travel Console(tm) through adapters to
popular back-office systems. Existing customer profiles can be integrated
into the Travel Console using the Profile Integration Module, allowing
customer information to be accessible regardless of where the booking takes
place.  The Fare Audit Data Service collects and delivers data from each
search of 20 web sites and allows the agency to provide clients with custom

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