TravelCLICK Products Offered Chain-wide by Marriott International

Ray Cohen, president and co-CEO of TravelCLICK, Inc
., the leading provider of digital media and data solutions to the travel industry, today announced that Marriott International, Inc. will offer the company`s portfolio of electronic marketing and informational tools to its 2,400 hotels worldwide.

TravelCLICK`s products and local consultants will help Marriott properties in every geographic region of the world raise their profiles on electronic shelves and boost revenues. “TravelCLICK will equip our hotels with planning tools that help them successfully execute strategies to improve performance within their market and across electronic sales channels,” said Shafiq Khan, vice president of E-Commerce of Marriott International, Inc. “Optimizing sales performance in these rapidly growing electronic channels is one of the keys to our future success.”

TravelCLICK`s Electronic Media Networks, which provide promotional messaging at the “point and moment of sale,” are recognized as the most targeted and cost-effective way for hotels to market to travel agents, consumers and meeting planners. The company`s information products, Hotelligence and PHASER Complete Access, provide rate and electronic booking data from the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and many Internet sites for both individual properties and their local competitors - including information on business sources, rates, market demand, and length-of-stay patterns.

“We are gratified that a company with the stature and reputation of Marriott International has chosen to offer TravelCLICK products chain-wide,” continued Cohen. “Marriott has won the prestigious CIO-100 award for three consecutive years from CIO magazine for leveraging technology to deliver outstanding customer service. The new partnership between our two companies allows Marriott to enhance its business data gathering capabilities with technology tools that deliver outstanding sales and marketing results