Amadeus Helps Airlines Slash e-Ticketing System Costs

Amadeus Electronic Ticket Server (ETS) allows airlines to fully manage the
distribution of their electronic tickets, strengthening their Internet and
call centre operations while cutting electronic ticketing maintenance costs
by a minimum of 80 per cent.

Amadeus is seeing a significant increase in the use of
its Electronic Ticket Server (ETS), as a growing number of airlines turn to
it as a cost effective, IT outsourcing solution, to manage their electronic
ticketing activities.

Amadeus ETS is a neutral solution which enables airlines and alliances of
all sizes to offer their customers the convenience of electronic ticketing,
even when a passenger checks through on another airline.
In addition to hosting features, Amadeus ETS provides airlines with the
flexibility to maintain their own electronic ticketing databases, while
facilitating interlining activities with other airlines through the
incorporated Interline Gateway product. With this, via a single link, all
electronic ticket coupons can be made available to partner airlines. This
cuts the costs of establishing individual links and one-to-one communication
with each other.

“We are offering airlines a unique opportunity,” said Hans Jorgensen, Vice
President, Airline Business Group at Amadeus. “While you can implement
in-house applications on a short-term basis, the outsourced solution offered
by Amadeus not only saves ongoing maintenance costs, but more importantly,
as Interline electronic ticketing develops further, this combined solution
will allow airlines like British Airways, Qantas and LanChile to enjoy
significant cost savings”, he said.

An example of where Amadeus` electronic ticketing technology has already
shown real value is with LanChile, one of Latin America`s leading airlines,
who implemented Amadeus ETS in 2001.  Today, some 39 per cent of all
LanChille`s tickets issued are electronic and this percentage is set to grow
further as the airline expands its international routes and incorporates new


“Electronic ticketing is central to the successful development of strategic
sales channels, such as the Internet and call centres,” stated Jos?ELuis
Cifuentes, Distribution System Manager for LanChile. “The increased use of
electronic ticketing means that our passengers benefit from a greatly
simplified ticketing process, backed by Amadeus ETS which also supports
distribution of our electronic ticket records to other global distribution
systems (GDS) and airlines.”

“Interline electronic ticketing is now a very attractive option for us,
given LanChile`s membership of the oneworld alliance and the fact that
electronic ticketing is available on international routes.  We expect to
apply this enhanced functionality later this year”, he added. 

Mark Lewsey , Director of Marketing for Amadeus UK said “Both the travel
industry and the general public as a whole are switching on to the value
that electronic ticketing can bring.  Apart from being more convenient for
travellers, the savings electronic ticketing brings to both airlines and
travel agents alike are significant and it just does not make good business
sense to over look this technology.” 

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