Travel Agent Website Re-Launch

Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity
have re-launched their travel-agent-only website,,
which is easier, more informative, and more productive to use.
The website provides travel agents with a consolidated on-line
communication portal containing everything from the ability to book online
through CruiseMatch 2000 Online to helpful advice regarding promotions and
specials.  It includes ready-made marketing materials, revenue generating
tips, educational resources, press releases, updates on trade-related products
and tools, ship and destination information, itineraries, and frequently-asked
“The all-new is easier to navigate, and more
informative, and is updated continually, making it the one stop travel agents
need to do business with Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises,”
said Barbara Shrut, vice president of Customer Loyalty and e-Marketing.
“Travel agents who use will benefit from its many tools and
useful, up-to-date information.”
Travel agents who log onto the website will benefit by utilizing all of`s tools, including:
* CruiseMatch 2000 Online:  The industry`s first Internet browser-based
cruise-booking system that includes all the powerful features of other
computerized reservations systems.

  * CruisePay:  Provides the ability to pay for bookings made in U.S.
dollars by electronic funds transfer from any U.S. bank, free of charge, with
point-and-click ease.

  * BrochurePower:  An easy and fast system to order Royal Caribbean
International and Celebrity Cruises marketing materials online.

  * CruiseWriter:  A revolutionary instant collateral system that allows
travel agents to customize collateral materials for their clients instantly on
their desktop.  Agents can create their own one-page flyers or personalize a
four- to six-page brochure with clients` names on the cover, specific ship
photography and information, itineraries, activities, and staterooms of
interest.  Flyers and brochures can be e-mailed, and printed in either color
or black-and-white, and are easily sent to an in-office laser or inkjet
printer or sent via the Internet to a local printer.

  * Partner Booking Link:  A tool for travel agencies to enable booking
capabilities on their web site by linking their customers to and in order to book online.  Their
clients can shop and reserve their cruise vacation online, while the agency
earns full commission.

  * eCruiseStats:  Provides easy access to the details of travel agency
production for Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, with
customized reports.

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