QIXO and TRAMS Announce Travel Technology Partnership

QIXO, the leading web fare search and booking engine company, is announcing a travel technology partnership with TRAMS, Inc
. the market leader in travel agency database design and integration.
Through this partnership, QIX-Agent, QIXO`s web fare search and booking engine for agents, will be offered in tight integration with TRAMS` ClientBase Plus, the travel industry`s first client database and agency information manager.

With the integrated QIX-Agent engine, ClientBase Plus users do not have to reenter passenger and billing information stored in the database. This information gets automatically pre-populated in the web fare-booking engine and can be edited during the booking process. Once booking is complete, travel agents can retrieve reservation details and store them in ClientBase Plus for customer service, reports and marketing analysis.

“Our partnership with TRAMS makes much sense for both companies,” says Daniel Ko, founder and CEO of QIXO. ” QIXO?fs web fare engine will instantly have over thousands of current ClientBase Plus users, while ClientBase Plus can attract thousands more with the integrated web fare engine. QIX-Agent is just the first of many web fares products QIXO plans to develop for travel agents. We look forward offering new web fare products through this partnership”

“By joining with QIXO we are responding to the high demands from travel agents and their clients for web fares.” according to Lee Rosen, President of TRAMS, Inc. ?gThe integration of web fares with TRAMS ClientBase Plus makes web fares even easier to book and track.?h

Integrating QIX-Agent with ClientBase Plus has been successfully developed and tested. The product will be released from beta status within the coming weeks.


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