Creation of a New Travel Force

There has never been a merger of this nature in the history of Malaysia`s travel industry. This merger will without doubt have a positive ripple effect locally , regionally and beyond.Ken-Air Malaysia has merged with Desinyo Group. 
Ken-Air Malaysia has been a major and top outbound travel agency for the last 26 years in Malaysia has made a marriage with Desinyo Group , a major and top Inbound travel agency for the last 10 years making it collectively one of the largest travel agencies in both East & West Malaysia. The Group have offices in Kuala Lumpur , Penang , Langkawi, Johore Bahru, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu, and Kuching with a fleet of 88 cars for rental and a coach fleet of 120 to support its operational and business needs.

This new creation will be one of the largest integrated groups with a projected annual turnover of RM 150 million, whilst handling more than 120,000 passengers / tourists per year. Both these domestic giants have merged under the joint leadership`s of Low Yuh Wen and Tan Hock Chye. These two travel companies represent a superb infra-structure to reach out to consumers in Malaysia and fulfill the services required by tourists coming into Fascinating Malaysia.It will enable cost efficiencies, new product innovation,  with cross-selling maximization and even better profit margins. It is a merger of two dynamic and successful companies , adding strengths together to better serve its joint clients and grow faster than they could individually.

Linbert Travel Exchange Pte Ltd will play an intrinsic role in this new creation by becoming both the glue and the engine to both Desinyo`s and Ken-Air Malaysia`s sales and operations , facilitating an automation efficiency and distribution capability which is both enormous and border-less. This means that both Desinyo`s and Ken-Air Malaysian products, packages and services can now be distributed to over 2,500 + travel agents in 33 countries in addition to their current clients.

The engine will provide Desinyo , Ken-Air, and its collective network the ability to buy/sell and distribute its product and services whilst giving its collective clients an effective tool to search, select, book and receive instant confirmations on all bookings in real-time. Both Desinyo & Ken-Air brands will be preserved, all staff will be kept but both businesses expect to see costs savings, increased sales , increased profit margins and now have analytical tools available to senior management at anytime, at the press of a button.

This combination of Inbound and outbound potency with a customized engine will be replicated regionally and then globally, by long and mid-term co-operation business agreements, acquisitions regionally and even swapping of shares if deemed suitable. The executives and staff are excited , committed and focussed on greater collective success as is our key clients, suppliers and partners in the travel industry.