Cathay Pacific Selects Abacus Sales Manager

ABACUS International is pleased to announce that CX Hong Kong office, has signed up on ABACUS Sales Manager Marketing Messages, following last month`s successful launch with CX Singapore office.

To kick-start this new initiative, CX Hong Kong office is using ABACUS Sales Manager to advertise its latest promotional offer ?Eup to 40% discount on China Express Coach to 9 cities in Pearl River Delta ?EPRD- China for CX passengers. CX Hong Kong is working with The China Coach Expert (CTTTS) to offer this promotion. ABACUS agents can refer to Cathay Pacific Direct Access Reference System page (DRS) for further details.

ABACUS Sales Manager Marketing Messages is ABACUS` Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme for airlines to reach out to their customers with the right offer at the right time.

It provides the airlines and their affiliated hotel companies, car rental companies and other travel suppliers with the ability to communicate one-to-one marketing promotional offers to both travel agents and the air travellers during the buying decision process.  With these messages, travel agents are enabled to help their customers make the most cost-effective and attractive travel purchase decision.