NetMoves’ Internet Fax Service Helps Leisure Travel Ecommerce Company Confirm Reservations

NetMoves (Nasdaq NM: NTMV), the global Internet Fax leader, today announced that WorldRes Inc.?, the online hotel distribution network for leisure travel, relies on NetMoves’ FaxProxy Internet Fax service to update hotels on the status of reservations received through WorldRes distribution partners.

WorldRes ( connects hotels to leisure travelers through a unique and growing network of website and call center partners. Nearly 8,000 mostly leisure oriented properties, including hotels, resorts, bed & breakfasts and inns in over 60 countries worldwide, have enrolled in the WorldRes system. Consumers make real-time, confirmed reservations at these properties through WorldRes partners such as AOL, Yahoo!, Lycos and other destination, activity, travel and special interest websites and call centers.

While WorldRes uses its proprietary web-based interface as its primary means to advise hotels of the status of reservations received through its partner network, it relies on Internet Fax to provide this information to hotels that also request faxed confirmations.

“FaxProxy provides us with a way to assure our properties that are new to the Web that they receive timely reservation information in a format with which they are comfortable,” stated Domenic Rinaldi, VP of Sales and Support for WorldRes. “In making the transition from more traditional means to web booking, NetMoves’ service and support have been invaluable.”

“WorldRes is the perfect example of the type of company that has taken full advantage of the integration of internet and fax technology,” said Bill Fallon, NetMoves’ Vice President of Marketing. “It illustrates a key dimension of the value of Internet Fax—its ability to facilitate the implementation of incredibly useful E-commerce services.”


Unlike most major travel web sites, World Res provides real-time reservations capability to any hotel property, regardless of size, through a number of connectivity options. There is no fee to join, and properties enjoy 24x7 control of their information, including rates and inventory. WorldRes provides a customer support organization of experts who truly understand the online hotel reservation industry.

Founded in 1995, WorldRes is based in San Mateo, CA, with offices in London. For hotels, WorldRes offers an effective, low-cost means for marketing and selling accomodations via the Internet through a unique and growing network of distribution partners. For partners, WorldRes offers rich content on a range of properties, from independent hotels to hotel chains, and a share of revenue generated through real-time room reservations. WorldRes’ mission is to build the dominant online hotel distribution network for leisure travel.

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