Delta Self-Service Kiosks see Record Check in Levels

Delta Air Lines
recorded one million customer check-ins as of Wednesday through self-service kiosks, its highest volume ever.
Since January, kiosk usage by Delta customers climbed dramatically due to recent expansion and improved enhancements that offer speed and added options.

“We are thrilled that our customers have quickly discovered that self- service kiosks are convenient, save time, and provide an innovative check-in alternative when they travel,” said John Selvaggio, senior vice-president, Delta Airport Customer Service.

Delta is installing 300 additional kiosks throughout its domestic system this year, more than tripling the number of kiosks available to Delta customers by the end of 2002. This will make Delta an industry leader in kiosk check-in technology by the end of the year.

Kinetics, Inc.,
based in Lake Mary, Fla., delivers the “touchable” hardware and software solutions which enables Delta’s kiosks.



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