Sabre Implements New Revenue & Relationship Product Suite

Sabre Holdings Corporation
(NYSE: TSG) today announced the availability of Sabre(R) Magnify(SM), a new suite of revenue and relationship management tools that for the first time bring the revenue-enhancing power of yield management tools and technology to the travel agency business.

This implementation follows over a year of usability testing with travel agency customers, and follows Sabre`s Empowering Agenda announcement on April 29th that highlighted Sabre Magnify as a key element to equipping agents with breakthrough yield management and relationship tools to thrive in a pay- for-performance environment.

Sabre Magnify enables travel agents to use point-of-sale information on their desktop to maximize total agency revenue. The new suite combines Sabre`s comprehensive real-time sales data and agency negotiated contract targets with Sabre`s forecasting abilities. This capability automatically tracks an agency`s performance against current sales data to provide visibility into each booking to steer an agent to bookings that will bring the most revenue per sale.

“Sabre Magnify will change the competitive landscape for agents like nothing we have seen in the past. Before Sabre Magnify, agencies had limited visibility in analyzing and forecasting their own sales data, while also facing the headwinds of rapid industry changes and revenue reductions,” said Ellen Keszler, senior vice president of the North American division of Sabre Travel Agency Solutions. “Sabre Magnify`s yield management tools give agencies an entire control panel of gauges to constantly monitor their performance against airline contracts and other agencies. This information allows agencies to develop and power their own individualized course toward maximized revenue and profitability.”

Sabre Magnify provides the same type of decision support that Sabre pioneered with its yield management expertise, which dramatically changed the revenue model and competitive landscape for the airline industry. Today, over 200 airlines rely on these decision-support tools for real-time information and analysis.


Sabre Magnify integrates tools to maximize revenue through real-time sales information with tools to manage customer relationships and marketing opportunities. The combination provides insight never possible before in the agency industry.
“The biggest problems agencies face when managing airline programs is that we have no idea how we are performing in relation to our peers. However, the airlines judge us in relation to our peers. Any information we can get that will help us to track peer performance is incredibly useful and the Sabre Magnify program is a definite step forward for agencies like Protravel,” said Tony Sheperd, chief operation officer at Protravel.

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