TRX Partnership Enables Multi-Platform Travel Industry Integration


BravePoint, Inc. and TRX, Inc.

announced the creation of the first advanced Web Services integration between
a major travel industry company`s Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
system and the Global Data System (GDS) that stores the world`s travel and
itinerary information.
Working with BravePoint
Web Services specialists, TRX developed an
integrated solution between a CRM system based on Microsoft`s Active Server
Pages technology and a Java-based application, running on BEA Systems WebLogic
application server. The Java application is designed to convert the
proprietary data feeds from the GDS to XML format. Web Services standards such
as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services Description Language
(WSDL) were used to rapidly create this integration within a few weeks.
As Matt Watson, TRX`s Vice President of Technology, relates, “BravePoint`s
extensive expertise in Web Services, Java, and Microsoft technologies,
together with our staff of Java experts, allowed us to implement this solution
in record time. We now have the ability to respond to clients via new, more
cost effective channels.”
Web Services, a generic term that describes new XML integration standards,
is increasing in importance for companies that desire to rapidly integrate
disparate systems and data sources without the tremendous cost normally
associated with such projects.
John Linss, Managing Director for BravePoint, says that, “One of the
reasons that Web Services is gaining such rapid acceptance is that most major
industry leaders have committed to supporting these standards. Companies such
as Microsoft, IBM, and BEA Systems have finally agreed on a set of
specifications for making heterogeneous systems work together. Consequently,
integration between systems that previously would not have been attempted
because of cost can now provide an acceptable return on investment.”

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