Launches `Name Your Own Price` Packages
(Nasdaq: PCLN)
announced the launch of a new Name Your Own Price(sm) packaged vacation service
that enables travelers to custom-build their own vacations and then pick the
prices they want to pay for them. vacations is the latest new travel service from
Recently, also launched a cruise service offering special deals on
cruises throughout the world on all the popular major cruise lines.`s new vacation service is unique because it eliminates the
compromises travelers have to make with traditional packaged vacations in order
to save money. With`s vacation service, travelers choose the exact
hotel they want, how long they want to stay, the days on which they want to
leave and come back and, of course, the price they want to pay for their
vacation.`s participating airline partners (all major,
full-service airlines) pick the flight times.

“Traditional vacation packages can deliver savings, but the choices are often
limited when it comes to destinations, hotels and available dates,” said Pauline
Frommer, nationally recognized travel expert, contributing editor of Arthur
Frommer`s Budget Travel Magazine, and special travel advisor to
“The traditional packages offer a limited number of cities and hotels, require
check-in on certain days, and can only be purchased for a pre-set number of
days.`s new service is just the opposite. The deep savings are
there. But instead of restrictions or compromises, you have the flexibility to
build the exact vacation to suit your needs.”

“We`re pleased to offer this powerful new travel product that leverages`s Name Your Own Price proposition and our extensive network of
supplier/partners to deliver deep savings to the packaged vacation market,” said President and Chief Operating Officer Jeffery H. Boyd. “We believe
our vacation product will reinforce`s reputation for providing the
best deals on the Web.”

ADVERTISEMENT`s vacation service is uniquely positioned, with several key
advantages over traditional vacation package providers. works with one of the travel industry`s largest collections of
airline and hotel partners, including seven of the U.S.`s largest airlines.
Through its supplier relationships, many of them being exclusive,
is able to secure special savings for its customers.
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