US Airways Website Enhancements

US Airways is making it much easier for customers to search fares and schedules, and book reservations through enhancements made to the airline`s reservations section at

For faster access to flight options and low fares, customers simply can enter the desired destination and travel dates directly on the
home page and flight departure and return schedules will be immediately displayed side-by-side. As an added feature, customers can view fares for any combination of flights from this same page, and new icons will highlight US Airways` special discount E-Savers and Internet-only sale fares.
These features eliminate the need to move from page-to-page to build a flight itinerary, cutting in half the number of clicks necessary to purchase a ticket.

Navigating also has been made easier. All navigation buttons are highly visible and located on the right side of the screen. A status bar on top enables customers to know exactly where they are in the ticket purchase process, and an “i” button has been added for customers who need additional flight information, preventing them from having to restart the search process.

Sales through for January through March 2002, were 9% of US Airways total revenue, while other Internet sites sales were 11% of total revenue. US Airways` online sales for the first quarter of 2002 increased 60% compared to the first quarter of 2001. Today, one out of five US Airways customers make travel arrangements online.



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