RWA`s Booking Engine In Popular Demand

In the last two months, a further 120 German travel agencies have incorporated RWA`s Internet Booking Engines (IBEs) into their web sites.
This brings the total number of German travel agencies using the RWA
developed booking engines to 650.

The booking engines for scheduled flights, car rental and last minute package holidays are being used by the German Tour Operator Frosch Touristik
(FTI). The engines provide comprehensive booking capabilities and have been recognised by German Travel Agencies as providing easy to use, quick access to availability and prices prior to booking.

In addition, each booking engine is:

 Highly tailorable

 Fully re-brandable to support `white labelling`

 Multi-currency

 Multi-language
This means that individual travel agencies are able to quickly and easily incorporate the booking engines into their web site and have their own version of the booking engine containing:

 Their own or their agency chain`s branding - colour schemes, logos etc.

 Their own agency details e.g. address and contact information
The booking engines also feature a comprehensive web-based management facility that allows:

 FTI to manage the roll-out of the booking engines to hundreds of travel agencies:

 Each travel agency to easily manage and maintain their own branding and agency information.

The scheduled flights booking engine supports both published and negotiated fares, round trips, one ways, open and double open jaw trips, display of aircraft and ticket on departure information and a variety of payment options.

The car rental booking engine enables display of availibility and rates across multiple car rental companies and car types in a single query, and the use of FTI`s own negotiated rental rates.
The last minute package engine displays an up-to-date list of the number of available package offers (total offers and total from each departure airport) and allows users to select from and book offers using a combination of departure airport and destination. A `Top-Ten` offers feature is also included.


Mark Bradbury, Director of RWA commented, “We are delighted with the continuing success of our booking engines in Germany. A further 120 agencies in only two months indicates how well these engines meet the online booking needs of both travel agencies and their customers and the ease with which FTI are able to provide the engines to the agencies.”

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