Abacus Virtually There Website Enhancements

ABACUS International
, Asia-Pacificå?fs Number One Global Distribution System, is pleased to announce that the data privacy protection of the Abacus Virtually There website has been further enhanced with the addition of another layer of traveler verification.

Abacus Virtually There is the travel agents?f tool for better customer service. With Abacus Virtually There, travellers get access to valuable real-time travel information via the Internet. Travellers could get an email from their travel agent containing their trip itinerary or they can access the Abacus Virtually There website to retrieve the information. They can also access destination information such as weather, maps, driving directions, restaurants and other special events.

There has been much concern over security and confidentiality of personal information available on the Internet. To protect the privacy of such information to our travellers, it was necessary to add a layer of authentication to further enhance the personal verification process.

ABACUS has consistently clinched the Best CRS Award at the TTG Travel Awards for the past four years. ABACUS was the CRS of choice voted by thousands of readers of TTG Asia and TTG China across Asia. It also recently won the Top Innovator Award from TravelWeekly East for its innovation in product development and agency training.



The new verification process is simple. From 26 April, access to the personal itinerary directly via the Abacus Virtually There website will require the user to verify his/her identity by entering an email address. The site also provides an option for the travel agent to create a ?gpseudo?h email address to use as the equivalent of a password for the customer. The travel agent will then share this pseudo email address with the traveller for their use in gaining access to their itineraries.

However, travellers who access their itineraries through an email message sent by their travel agent will not receive the request for additional verification.

Patrick Lai, Vice Preseident, E-Commerce said, ?gThe email address verification process was selected for two reasons. Firstly, it is the easiest procedure for travel agents and travellers alike and secondly, in a recent poll conducted by Sabre, our partner, it was found that travel agents indicated that email authorization was the preferred method as it was the most convenient.?h

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