Statability and Biko Partnership Increases IT Services to Global Hospitality Indutry

Statability, a U.S. company that provides web-based, multi-unit operations reporting, and Biko Technologies, an Australia-based company providing IT services to the hospitality industry, have formed a unique strategic alliance that strengthens both companies and extends their sales reach across the globe.

“Biko helps provide back-end development for our multi-unit, web-based reporting systems. This extends our IT infrastructure so we can continue to produce new and innovative reporting products while maintaining excellent service to our existing client base,” said Michael Goldenberg, one of Statability`s co-founders.
The relationship also extends Statability`s marketing reach, according to Michael Wohl, the firm`s other co-founder. “Biko is now selling Statability reporting products in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.”

“There are strong synergies because both companies have a hospitality background and both are focused on the same market segments, yet we do different things,” said Julian Bish, Biko`s managing director. “We complement each other`s strengths very well.”

Bish said that the reciprocal marketing strategy is benefiting his firm in unexpected ways. “Besides having Statability represent us in their part of the world, the relationship is helping us over here. We are a services company, and services are intangible. Statability has great products, which gives us something tangible to show clients and prospects and helps them visualize the end result of consolidating all their operations data.”

While the benefits of the partnership have been significant, the challenges of working in the United States and Australia have been remarkably few, said Greg Kowalski, Biko`s director of technology. “That is one of the most interesting experiences to me - we`re in different parts of the world, yet it`s not an issue at all. We both find it as easy to communicate with each other as with people in our own countries.”


Goldenberg agrees, calling the time difference “almost irrelevant. We`ve both adjusted our schedules to add coverage to both companies` clients.”

Both companies see additional opportunities for joint projects in the future. “My hope is that we continue to generate more ideas not as two separate groups, but as one,” said Kowalski. “Collectively, we`re much smarter as a company than either of us was before,” added Wohl.

Statability, located in Atlanta with offices in Minneapolis, was founded in 1999. Clients include Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Marriott International, and Larkspur Hospitality. Statability partners with several companies besides Biko, including HSA, Databeacon and NoBarriers.