eWorld Travel Site Enhancements.

eWorld Travel Corp. announced it has signed a contract with Binary Environments and retained them to enhance the look and feel of eWorld`s current web site.
According to Binary, the project will be performed in two stages. The first stage will be to enhance the look and feel of the current site. The second stage will be to improve the resources available on the site and programming a database to keep track of the site users. Together, the stages are estimated to be completed within three to four weeks of the start date.

In a press release, eWorld said that its ?gcurrent business plan has been unprofitable after three years of operations. The market of Internet travel-related services is over saturated and dominated by companies such as expedia.com and travelocity.com.?h Looking at the eWorld travel site
, it seems that it acts as a straight portal to travelocity.com.